Why would you leave this, You've got nowhere to go, why would you promise what you don't know, Trade your innocence for a thicker skin, Take your medicine and breathe again - I Know you're dying of thirst, but don't drink the water, Don't look, Don't touch her, She's somebody's daughter - It goes by so fast, Would you spill this cup if it were your last, Priceless as the last one you'll ever have, something gone you can't get back - There's only black and white til we learn to compromise, To chase manotany in shades of beige, can't move the stars above me, can't from 1 and 1 get 3, Can't get a new result from more of the same thing - Hours drag like years, Years of waiting slip to yesterday, and the times you wish you could disappear, Disappear - It goes... - Watch your step, you stumbled here before, Balenced on the ends of thorns, Let it die, Absolution sacrificed to reopen soars